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Our Story

Our Story ( Bengali & Tollywood Celebrity Shoutout ) has been developed by young Bengali philanthropic entrepreneur husband-wife duo Sudipta-Masum and team. It has a mission to connect the artists with their million of fanbases nationwide.

It is a platform for fans to get personalized video messages from their favorite Bengali & Tollywood celebrities on any special occasion. Its mission is to spread smiles and make attachments stronger with people. Tollywish Connect brands with celebrities for endorsing their products and services.

Our purpose is to do something massive that will create an impact on our society. Being an entrepreneur duo, we are building a platform and community where we can exchange our skillsets for helping others. We helped more than 1500 international brands, including Fortune 500 Companies, build a sustainably profitable business with the help of business automation and technology.
So why can we not build something for our people of Bengal and India?

We had developed to help the people of West Bengal and India in the crisis by providing all the covid related information in just one click. We are also working on the Tollywish project to build a successful relationship between the fans and artists and provide a more comprehensive way of entertainment. Along with these, we are also digging deep into women's empowerment, skill development for students and the unemployed to get jobs easily around the nation.
We are also planning to create a portal that will help reduce the unemployment rate in India by providing jobs to the lesser privileged ones.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Create a Bridge between Fans and Celeb:

Our mission is to connect famous Bengali and Tollywood artists, athletes, or any known personality or upcoming influencers with their respective fans nationwide. Tollywish wishes to make strong connections with the people of Bengal.


To bring sparkling joy to millions of faces:

During this pandemic, when everyone is detaching from social life, is a platform that will bridge the gap between the artists and their fans. Our mission is to bring back the smiles, joy, and entertainment to everyone’s face as it was before the pandemic.


Connections made easy:

Tollywish makes people connect with celebrities which makes them more reachable and approachable. Various brands can connect with celebrities for endorsing their products and services.


Society Development:

Artists help create a better society for the people. They contribute to various organizations and help people for better livelihood. Lend out your hand to help them create a better society. Join and make a change in the world.

Towards Better Community

Join our hands to help the community. A celebrity can reach thousands of fans within an hour. The amount generated can help millions of people nationwide. Come, let us help people with a greater vision towards society.