Tollywish Your Valentine

Tollywish Your Valentine

It’s that time of the year again when you propose to your loved one telling them how much you appreciate their presence in your life! 

It’s Valentine’s Day coming up again!!

Let’s show you a way to celebrate this wonderful occasion with your loved one by indulging with the celebrities of the Bengali film industry. Now’s the time you find out what makes your loved one tick! … 

Is it his Rishi Kaushik like chiseled looks with those aviator glasses or her Debashree Biswas like cute looks? Maybe it’s his Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee like articulate way of expressing himself! 

No matter what you like about your loved one, just choose a feature of your partner that matches with the stars of the Bengali film industry and we will capture that essence for you on Valentine’s day when you gift your partner a specially made video where your favorite star congratulates the two of you happy couple.

She could be a stunning Tanushree Dutta lookalike or a music fan like Ujjaini Mukherjee or Anushka Banerjee. 

How about some acting tips from Akash Mukherjee along with the Valentine’s Day wishes! 

Valentine’s day is not just for the young ones. It’s always a good idea to come up with a fresh way of showering love for the parents too!

A Mreenal Chakraborty can always send out a loved video for the parents wishing them their dreams come true. Or a Joy Sengupta on how to spend the upcoming senior days of life as a theatre artist entertaining the wife while the children are out of town!

Now that we have you covered on ‘love thy parents!’, turning our attention to those doing business…

How about a Sayantani Guhathakurta, Rohan Bhattacharjee, Sarmistha Acharjee, Ankitaa Chakraborty, Koneenica Banrjee, Prantik BanerG, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Tanusree Roy or an Ishita Ganguly wish your customers and partners a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Along with showcasing all the new products you have on your lineup!

And last but not least, now that parents too have adopted the digital age and agree with boys and girls hanging around…. How about you bring them a little closer to you by gifting the young ones a celebrity video customized just for the two!?

How about a Dristi Safar, Surojit Ghosal, Sudipta Chanda, Ananya Dutta, Mouli Dutta, Sairiti Banerjee or an Oindrila Bose for the greetings!

Book now as we have special discounts running to make this joyous occasion one that will last you a lifetime! Make your loved one’s memory one that just won’t go without you and your star! 

Tollywish Video prices average at 499/-

We have a whole list of Actors, Influencers, Singers, Photographers and YouTubers on our catalog. Feel free to visit our website at The video rates will definitely catch your interest!

Happy Valentine's Day!! - from the Tollywish team.