The most unique surprise birthday gift of 2022 in India

The most unique surprise birthday gift of 2022 in India

Ahh you’re searching for the elusive surprise gift ideas again, have you found one already? Do you think that idea will really surprise the receiver or completely bomb like a Novel standup comedian? But whatever the case it’s amazing that you’re trying find ideas to make someone happy and all of us are grateful for people like you.

Well today we are going to show you one the most unique and amazingly surprising experience that one can gift to a loved one on their birthday, and the best part is you don’t have to do anything at all. Sometimes gifts become a complex thing that takes longer time than expected and we become conflicted, well say no more, because will tollywish you’ll giving the surprising gift of all time with almost no work.

What is the most unique surprise birthday gift of 2022?

Imagine getting a surprise wish from someone you admired from a long time but you could never talk to. No we are not talking about your crush. We are talking about people you follow as role models, the movie stars, the sportsmen, the celebrity writers, influencers etc...

You must be thinking “well, get out of here. How can I get wished by my or my friend’s favorite celebrity? It’s impossible!! Right!?” “We say, it was impossible” but with Tollywish, now you can get wishes from a Bengali celebrity and surprise your friends on their special day.

Tollywish allows you to get in touch with your favorite Bengali celebrities and get personalized birthday wishes through videos. Go ahead now search for your favorite celebrity and get a video done! what are you waiting for?

Why celebrity videos are the best surprise gifts of 2022?

What are the parameters of a surprise gift? The first thing is obviously the surprise factor, is there anything more surprising that getting a celebrity to wish for a birthday, we wait while you think of another one. Second thing is the “Uniqueness” Factor, how boring the surprise will be if you gift the same thing again and again, gifts should be unique to be surprising and Tollywish videos fulfill that. 

The main objective of a gift is to be memorable and we guarantee our product will make the experience extremely memorable.

How to get a celebrity video done through

Tollywish has a simple process through which you can access your celebrities.

Here are the 4 simple steps that tollywish follows.

  • Visit and Browse celebrities

  • Find your favorite celebrity

  • Fill out the personalized message you want the celebrity to say

  • Receive the video from our end 

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