How to get Tollywood celebrity endorsements for your brand

How to get Tollywood celebrity endorsements for your brand

If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, you must already know that getting brand awareness and engagement virtually and physically is a tough task in the current marketing climate.

There is unbelievable amount of competition and marketing messages have made the consumers pay less and less attention to sponsored posts every day. The trust factor towards advertisements has gone down significantly in the last 5 years since the social media boom.

Fret not, Now Tollywish brings an amazing opportunity for all the entrepreneurs from Bengal to get celebrity endorsements which will definitely boost sales and give a unique view to your brand and meaning to your marketing efforts.

Why do I involve celebrities in my Marketing efforts?

  • Because celebs have their own fan base who will consume everything they post. They are referred to as influencers for precisely this reason. The rate of engagement you get on the post is much higher than general marketing.
  • It gives a unique look to your brand and builds trust amongst consumers, when a famous celebrity endorses a brand it increases the trust by 42% according to a study. Trust is the one of the foremost things we try to build through our marketing efforts.
  • Celebrities have distinct niche audience bases which can help a marketer reach their target audience efficiently, provided they choose the right celebrity.

What products can I market through celebrities?

Today there’s a freedom to get celebrities to endorse anything and everything, we see cricket players representing steel and cement brands and film actors endorsing education brands. So don’t worry, whatever your product is, there’s a perfect celebrity match for you.

How do I know which celebrity fits my brand?

This is an important area that should be considered with utmost care, although any celebrity can endorse your brand, you must choose the ones who are relevant and your Target audience base must be their core followers. 

Especially for niche products, you must choose the endorsee wisely to get maxiumum ROI. As a rule of thumb just remember Target audience base and Relevance.

How do I get a celebrity to endorse my brand?

Here is a simple process to get your brand endorsed through your favorite celebrities.

  • Visit
  • Scroll through our list of Bengali celebrities
  • Choose a celebrity and click on brand enquiry
  • Fill out the form 
  • We’ll get back to you with celebrity consent
  • Get them to endorse your brand 

What are the different ways one can use celebrities for endorsements?

  • The most popular one is to get a celebrity to say out a message through video which they’ll post on their social media accounts and you can use as an ad 
  • You can also get them to do an ad video 
  • You can send them your products and get them to post about them

There are many ways one can get their products endorsed but we believe a video can be the most efficient of them all.

We have seen the trend of influencer marketing becoming a mammoth in the last two years, especially on Instagram and Youtube which many famous brands have started using as their primary channel for creating brand awareness. 

If you’re serious about your marketing efforts, you should definitely include influencer marketing in the mix because it provides undoubtedly unique view and feel to your brand. We wish you good luck.