How to Get a  Bengali celebrity to wish someone a happy birthdays

How to Get a Bengali celebrity to wish someone a happy birthdays

Birthdays are the most intimate affairs that kickstarts new beginnings for human beings. It’s  that one special day in a year which gets remembered and celebrated by everyone who loves us. Now Tollywish is here to make that experience better by mixing your favorite into the experience. is a Bengali Celebrity engagement platform which lets you get personalized wishes through videos on your birthday from your favorite celebrity through an effortless process.

Here are 4 steps to get your celebrities to wish you happy birthdays

  • Visit and Browse celebrities : Visit 

  • Find your favorite celebrity

Scroll through the list of artists, actors, comedians, musicians, influencers, models, sport personalities, RJs, influencers, celebrity lookalikes, poets and writers.

Step 3 : Fill out the personalized message you want the celebrity to say

When you find the celebrity you like, click on their pictures and read through their profile. Review the prices, Response time and Duration.

Choose to whom this video is intended for and fill out the relevant details.

  • Step 4 : Receive the video from our end

    Once you book a shout out from an artist by making the payment, you will receive a personalized message from the artist as per the instructions provided by you within the time specified on the page,