Get Video wishes from Bengali celebrities on your special occasions – Welcome to Tollywish

Get Video wishes from Bengali celebrities on your special occasions – Welcome to Tollywish

Special events are the ones which give momentary breaks in our long series of routine days, a birthday, an anniversary or any special time that we spend with our loved ones provide the memories that we carry and cherish for the rest of our life.

Tollywish is a platform which intends to make every special occasion a bit more special by involving the people we adore. There’s a fan in everyone who admire someone without ever meeting them or talking to them . Tollywish offers a rare chance to people from West Bengal to connect with their favorite celebrity in an intimate way.

What do we do?

Tollywish delivers personalized wishes in the form of videos. You can get the videos done for yourself or surprise a loved one and make their special day wonderful.

Why Tollywish?

We believe there’s a need to build a bridge between celebrities and fans, we adore these amazing people and we believe it will make everyone’s life a tad better if there’s a way we can interact with them.

We are also trying to help the brands and startups who want to increase their brand awareness through celebrity endorsements. We have made an uncomplicated process through which you can now access Bengali celebrities and improve your business.

How do we work?

Tollywish has a simple process through which you can access your celebrities.

Here are the 4 simple steps that tollywish follow.

  • Visit and Browse celebrities : Visit

  • Find your favorite celebrity

  • Fill out the personalized message you want the celebrity to say

  • Receive the video from our end 

Click here to read our detailed article on how Tollywish works.

What are the future visions we have for not only focuses on entertainment but we believe a simple act of surprise gift video from someone’s favorite celebrity can have significant mental health benefits on the person, in a world which is battered by pandemic and lockdowns we consider the connection as the most important tool to feel better again.

Also, one day we wish tollywish can engage celebrities in social work which will have an impact on society’s wellbeing.

We welcome you to our humble project and hope it can help you in a positive way